AI humans

AI & Humans: Friends or Foe?

Humans are being imitated by AI but AI are being imitated by humans. Currently, it is possible to see a kind of experiment on Twitter where the text has taken over. Is it something related to artificial intelligence? Yes, we are talking about OpenAI’s ChatGPT capable of generating text. This chatbot can generate conversations; write […]

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AI vs. Media

AI vs. Media

Artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed significantly in recent years and has the potential to change the way we view technology, the concept of ownership, media and even what it means to be human. The advancement of AI has been made possible through the digitization of human thought and the ability of pattern-detecting models to connect

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Web3 Publishers

Web3 Impact On Publishers

More and more publishers are getting down to business with these new “realities” of Web3 and the Metaverse. How publishers should be ready to Web3, what does it mean and what could be the impact of web3 impact on publishers. What is Web3 and how does it differ from Web2 and Web1? Web 1.0 or

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Me Online

Feeling Normal Online

It is not a mystery that on the internet we are watched and our data is stolen. The funny thing is that, despite this, people seem to say: “I know but who cares” and not talk about it among friends. However, users may become more aware of this espionage when they are browsing their social

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