How AI is Disrupting the Workspace

Human intelligence creating machine intelligence has been a subject to marvel at, today it’s revolutionizing our technological dependence as it opens unexplored areas of innovations. Not even AI experts have been able to wrap their heads around how farfetched the applications of AI can be. But despite the vagueness of what awaits the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence, one look at our professional bubbles confirms one thing is for sure — we have already come a long way with this disruptive technology. We can clearly see 4 major paths that AI will transform our workspace.

1.   Automation, Automation, and a Whole Lot of Automation

Artificial Intelligence empowers automation to such extent that the two are often used interchangeably, however, there is a world of difference between the two. Artificial intelligence is like mimicry of human minds and that can be demonstrated in how it makes the most pivotal of tasks in organizations simpler. Automation is simply as simple as a task can get using AI involving little to no human intervention. 

The scope of AI empowered automation in workspace that are soon to become a norm can be classified into three broad categories:

Analysis: The fundamental function that further facilitates larger AI functions involves big data analysis. This can broadly also constitute of image processing and recognition, voice recognition, and other similar media elements that can be broken down to generate valuable information that is analogous to data. 

Problem Detection and Solving: To err is human, not a machine. That’s how AI will ensure robust algorithms by detecting and spontaneously solving problems based on fed solutions. The absolute objective nature of these solutions based on data derived insights will eliminate the scope of errors caused by human misinterpretations. 

Pretty Much Everything: From searching the internet on voice commands to identifying your facial gestures and switching to the self-driving mode in automobiles, you will be amazed at how comprehensively Artificial Intelligence will reduce the workload on your shoulders. For instance, virtual assistance will not just help you shop or play music but will most likely be a stronger, faster, and more precise help to create presentations and maybe even deliver them.

2.   Advanced and Adapted Organizational Hierarchy

While the above-discussed automation revolution will have us pleasantly surprised, this one might take us a considerable time adjusting to, especially if you’ve been in a particular industry or business for too long. Be ready to treat AI-powered virtual assistants as fellow employees while rookies in the industry rank higher due to their proficiency with pioneering technologies. Training and orientations will most likely be taken over by young minds who have been growing with the technology and can adapt as well as dissipate. 

3.   Job Displacements and Creations

The straightforward logic that the more the automation, the greater the job loss is as good as an urban legend these days. Research, white papers, reports, and even mere observation will tell you otherwise, and in fact, have produced quite conflicting findings. A look around your workplace, the designations, and job profiles will tell you that the world of work has already changed and will continue to do so as technology advances. 

For instance, although you may no longer need coffee makers in every floor’s pantry as coffee machines can offer ten different varieties within seconds to you, there are newer positions in the likes of social media marketing, digital marketing, data analytics, that are in need of highly skilled manpower, ones that your company can possibly not do without.

The same scenario from the above example applies to AI induced transformation. AI sure will displace workers involved in monotonous, repetitive work. But they will be replaced by automated algorithms that do the same job a multitude times faster, with more precision, and in a more organized manner. Stating the obvious, this will also lead to manifolds job creation as humans will be needed to create, maintain, and ensure smooth functioning of such algorithms. Making the most optimized utilization of these highly advanced AI-powered resources will be the job of a human mind, several thereof.

Understandably, the workforce thus in place would need to be highly adept with state of the art technologies. The question remains, what will the averagely skilled manpower do?


To match up to the changing times, the workforce will need to upgrade themselves and their skill-sets, which brings us to our fourth transformational aspect:

4.   Futuristic Training as Prerequisites

We can either see the workspace situation as AI replacing under skilled personnel or as AI being the drivers of up-skilling and upgrades. With AI knocking off positions that required humans to be monotonous rather than productive, the same workforce, if not a larger one, would be required to learn and gain command over the state of art technologies that get us and our work by.  We can see this shift happening in two manners:

a.    Fundamental Levels of Education integrating subjects of AI expertise. AI will no longer be a topic to be studied but a stream that will produce professionals who deal with the requirements, operational procedures, and final product modifications of AI-based technologies.

b.    By the time a complete educational reform adopts AI, workplaces will adapt by providing on the job futuristic training to rehabilitate efficient personnel in jobs that utilize their potential through productivity.

Getting The AI-Workforce Approach Right

All the above can at several levels feel intimidating. The fact that a machine will step up and match up to the levels of human intelligence must, however, not make you feel threatened.

That is after all, what this article and all those predictions out there are preparing you for. Swimming with the currents, working out to maintain fitness for survival is the way to go during times of regular innovations — make AI work for you in the workspace.

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