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Internet of things (IoT) is Shifting Gears in Digital Media

Internet Of Things (IOT) is basically a network or interconnected web of things that finds path-breaking contributions in areas like smart farming, healthcare, hospitality, and even public systems that can be implemented within a creative field like Media. It is an internet-enabled uniform platform that connects several things that are embedded and equipped with software, sensors, and technologies that further help us connect. Right from an elaborate system of several computers that are located remotely but function as one, to smart devices like fitness watches that are connected to your smartphones, almost every digitally interconnected system of devices is a product of IoT.

In a world where 70% of the companies all over the globe have a digital content marketing strategy and 86% benefit directly from it, one would think what has been the magic element working behind the scenes of the digital marketing and making this clever contribution towards its acceleration.

In the light of digital media and marketing, this inter-connectivity can put vendors or service providers at an unprecedented advantage. Every smart device all over the world is connected and this very basic prerequisite gives enough power to the marketers to optimize, customize and scale.

How it is being done? And what’s hot and emerging in this sector?

How Does IoT Integrate With Media?

The primary ways in which IoT is playing out in the digital media space are:

  •  Job shift and newer, intuitive marketing opportunities.
  • Product development, service enhancement, and value propositions based on intelligence provided by IoT.
  • Interactive advertising to attract customers voluntarily and achieve higher conversion rates.
  • Customer behavior analysis and the advancing foundation of digital marketing.

While these advances are not any less fascinating, we are progressing towards a phase of marketing that is limitless with regards to innovation. 

IoT and Digital Media: Futuristic Applications To Look Out For 

Companies like Heineken with its GPS-enabled branded bottles around Amsterdam city and Pepe Jeans with its IoT empowered campaigns like the Extreme Catwalk, have proved how IoT has revolutionized outdoor marketing campaigns.  

How traditional digital marketing and advertising are catching up, hard and fast.

With Digital Marketing

To say that IoT has been disruptive in the field of digital marketing would be an understatement. The technology practically swept marketers off their feet by taking over the burden of guessing, elaborate analyzing, market study, and even losses. In return, IoT gave them a highly optimized system of management and operation in the form of customer behavior analysis as discussed above. Much to our delight that has just been the trailer. The greater picture is a compilation of the most futuristic changes that IoT is driving in digital marketing.

SEO: Keyword To Intention Transformation 

It is officially time to say goodbye to mechanical sounding articles and keyword focused queries. To enhance user experience, Internet of Things (IoT) is shifting the ranking parameter from keyword-based to intention-based; meaning that the articles with the most eloquent an human-like conversations will rank higher than the one that repeatedly fits the keyword wherever possible. 


Today we should raise eyebrows if something is not automated and not otherwise. With IoT, all human marketers will be left with is giving birth to ideas and pulling the strings while the algorithms take care of all things technical automatically; right from data mining, customer customization, to interaction and engagement!

With Digital Advertisement

You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it — this is basically the premise of IoT empowered digital advertisement. With the successfully achievable aim to advertise only what you actually need, the boost in advertisement generated sales has been nothing short of ecstatic.

Predictive Advertising

In short, predictive advertising is technical guess work for advertising which will give marketers the right advertisement for the right people at the right time on the right platform. IoT employs its network of sensors and big data analytics to help you navigate through the clutter on the web and stand out by reaching out in the most personalized manner. 

Higher CTR

CTR or Click Through Rate is the success rate of a clicked advertisement to convert into a purchase. IoT with its smart detection and tracking of data from your devices can record what you need or may need in future and offer the best possible options based on your buying behavior. Can’t possibly get smarter than this, can it?

IoT in Digital Marketing: Here To Stay, Evolve, Or Be Replaced?

Before the advent of the internet, Bluetooth was our wireless superhero that miraculously connected devices and got things done. With the internet came the possibility to do the same and far more using IoT. 

Humans themselves are not able to keep up the pace with how fast we evolve and the technology evolves, so it is only fair if we expect something greater and larger to replace IoT. But a closer look at the technology will tell you that the very framework of IoT is abreast with more advanced technologies.

We all saw a demonstration of the same when AI came into the picture and expedited the way IoT revolutionized digitization. Just like the consolidation of Big Data over the internet only empowered IoT. The best feature of the technology is its flexibility and absorption factor of newer innovations to progress in the same direction. 

And therefore, we can safely assume that IoT is here to stay. It will evolve in most certainty, but it will be long before the seemingly limitless scope of IoT is replaced by another virtually flawless innovation.

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