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How to Deliver a Modern Digital Customer Experience

With the arrival of the Pandemic, customers have changed their behavior and purchase method, and it seems that this behavior will not change even if the pandemic ends. That is why digital marketers are committed to improve the digital customer experience to boost any business by increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Today, the market is overcrowded with companies offering similar products and services. Therefore, it is advisable that you look for a differential as loyalty and money respond to experiences and not to products.

What is The Customer Experience?

The customer experience or also known as CX, is a concept that has gained strength with the rise of digital transformation. Modern consumers are more informed and have higher expectations when doing business with a brand.

Businesses that want to stand out in today’s market must have a customer-centric mindset and intensive planning as consumers are increasingly demanding in relation to the products, services and experiences that companies offer.

A great customer experience is the end result of each point of contact that a customer has with your business; from the knowledge of the brand, each one of the stages of the sales process and the post-sale follow-up.

The customer experience involves various factors and can be analyzed from various perspectives. Initially, we could define it as the way in which a company meets or does not meet the expectations of customers in each of their interactions.

Customer experience is also each customer contact with your work team, your product variety and pricing, your delivery methods and packaging. It is the perception that consumers have of their interactions with your company, as well as the organizational discipline associated with the design and management of these interactions.

The goal is to create memorable and personalized interactions so that customers want to do more business with your company. This will make your brand the first one that comes to mind when they are asked about a certain product or service.

But achieving good results is not an easy task as few companies provide excellent CX. For your future and new clients to choose you, you must implement a modern CX strategy.

Customer Experience Strategy

The customer experience strategy refers to the complete perception of the customer’s experience with your brand. Each and every one of the company’s actions affect the customer’s perception and their decision to continue doing business with you. Therefore, good CX management is the key to success.

And so what can we do to keep our clients from straying from our path?

A good customer experience strategy should answer the following questions:

  • What does the client expect from your company?
  • Why the customer is choosing your product?
  • How do your products or services fit into the customer’s life?
  • What do your competitors offer?
  • What are the alternatives to your products or services?
  • What make your company different?

Once you have the answers, you can understand the importance of your company for customers.

Here are customer experience best practices and some innovative ideas to improve your CX strategy.

Create a buyer persona and understand your target audience

It is the representation of a semi-fictitious client that allows you to identify your ideal client profile. The definition of the buyer person reflects their lifestyle, interests, habits and motivations of your customers. With this, you can identify what worries them the most, their priorities when buying the product, as well as the keys to retain them. In short, the buyer persona is an archetype of customer that is ideal for a certain product/service.

This will benefit you since if you sell the same product as your competitors and it is really difficult to differentiate yourself, your value proposition must be differentiated. However, when you meet your buyer persona, you can adapt your strategy and focus on your customer’s needs.

Any interaction that you are going to have with your customer will impact the perceived customer experience. Knowing your customer archetype allows you to deepen your relationship with them and gain loyalty with your brand for long term Each contact with the client must be personalized and adapted to their preferences.

Invest in customer service and support software

Yes, the advancement of technology allows the development of software that can be used to improve the quality of CX. Making this investment will allow you to have more satisfied customers as it will improve communication and interaction with your company.

Using the right tool will position you before the competition as the customer will feel satisfied. For example, customers should not wait for an answer if they have a question. This is solved with live chats and/or chat bots. This applies to both doubts and complaints. Also, you can see what their behavior is and offer effective solutions.

Use artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence is a must if you want to increase the positive image of your brand and provide a modern customer experience.

With chat bots powered by artificial intelligence, you can talk to your customers in real time. This is very helpful for customers and the best part of it is that it includes a natural language, even can include emojis. Customers can receive an immediate answer.

On the other hand, when chat bots cannot answer the questions posed by customers, the conversation is diverted to a real person to help.

But how does customer experience measurement come in here?

When your customers chat with your chat bot they can ask them to rate the interactions. The feedback data collected can be analyzed using artificial intelligence-based tools to help you understand how they felt being served.

The good thing about using chat bots is that you can be available 24/7 to serve customers who need immediate attention.

Keep in mind that the comments and feedback of your customers will tell you what you need to know about your brand. In addition, you can use such comments and feedback to feed your AI powered chat bot with fresh new data.

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