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AI & Humans: Friends or Foe?

Humans are being imitated by AI but AI are being imitated by humans. Currently, it is possible to see a kind of experiment on Twitter where the text has taken over. Is it something related to artificial intelligence? Yes, we are talking about OpenAI’s ChatGPT capable of generating text. This chatbot can generate conversations; write important documents, i. e., it is capable of “reasoning” on its own when you need it.

Would you like to know about the life of a specific researcher? Do you want to know about history, math, or maybe how to solve productivity problems? This one can do it. But if we go back a couple of years, we will remember the Pokemon Go game and how people said that this was the beginning of a change in technology without going any further, we can also mention Alexa (a somewhat forgotten figure).

Although many people are still skeptical about this new release, ChatGPT could turn out to be a pretty big hit (yes, bigger than the Harry and Meghan series on Netflix and for now bigger than Google’s BARD). The importance of this release lies in the evolution that this new technology has had and it is suspected that in a couple of months, a new (more powerful) version will come to light.

One of the works that ChatGPT has already done was an essay on the measurement of poverty, which has been reviewed by an academic who was very surprised about it after reviewing it. However, he pointed out that the answers have been with too much improvisation, much like when a student must answer to something and has not been well prepared for the topic.

This means that the text provided by the bot provides very generic answers without actually offering content with deeper analysis. In other words, this machine is only capable of delivering uninformed texts, at least for now. And this does not mean that it is a bad thing. What we have here is that there are no new ideas yet, they are just irrational ideas. And this is true because when writing a draft, the first attempt is always bad. That is why ChatGPT is not that it is bad but can be used to start a project and finish it more quickly by making the pertinent changes to ideas.

However, we must bear in mind that sometimes we sin by being conformist to our foolish texts. If we go to Twitter, we will see that author and educator John Warner made a post (quite a long thread) related to ChatGTP, mentioning that teachers in America’s schools only teach students to apply rules to get “good writing.” That is, students are guided to write essays following a guide that consists of five paragraphs leaving aside the reasoning of the writing problems. This guide consists of the sample transitions and sentences that a paragraph should have and stops focusing on the quality of the text that it can produce. In the same way, it happens with the algorithm, it supersedes human thought. So the text that GPT3 offers is of very low quality, it knows how to apply the structure but it cannot develop a theme. If this new technology is resulting in essays that look like they were written by novice students, then something is wrong. And this is also said by the philosopher Zena Hitz when she refers to the fact that the GPT3 is not a problem in itself, the problem is that it is no longer important whether or not the student knows how to think.

At the moment, I will not make any predictions regarding whether AI will change the world. However, what I can say is that I realize how bots have taken over, of course, thanks to humans. And this can be seen even in social aspects where humans cannot be replaced, such as obtaining congruent ideas, the way of narrating without being robotized, and music, among others. In this way, we would be turning into machines by making it easier for them to imitate us.

As time goes by and this technology advances, little by little, we are losing that human touch that characterizes us since the world is adapting to AI in all areas of our lives. Even if we believe that this will provide us with solutions, we should not assume that this will always be the case. We must go slowly and be prudent.

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