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Digital Transformation: How Does It Affect Your Company’s Growth?

Digital transformation brings together a comprehensive range of techniques that use rapidly developing digital technology to build, revamp, improve, optimize, and expand a business. Although the concept is still vague, it includes a whole host of smart digital initiatives like sales strategies, digital marketing, predictive models, process automation with artificial intelligence (AI) being the most

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The Ad Tech revolution

For those of you who may have missed watching the blockbuster The Hunger Games, the wildly exciting movie followed a bunch of teens fighting for their lives amidst the backdrop of a constantly changing environment. Their options for survival were also pretty basic. Either adapt to what was currently happening, or die. Comparing the digital

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Top challenges for digital transformation

With every new opportunity for companies to evolve, there come significant challenges. How businesses address them will determine their growth and progress. Digital transformation is a game-changer. Like every market disruption, digital requires companies to shift perspectives and invest in modern skills and talent. Businesses and their change drivers still face monumental challenges to successfully

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